Case studies

Improving patient compliance chart

Saving lives and boosting revenues by improving patient compliance

Thanks to Intuceo, a major supermarket chain can intervene with pharmacy customers who are at risk of not adhering to their prescriptions.
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Better client service chart

Measuring the performance of investment advisors for better client service

Thanks to Intuceo, a provider of services to financial institutions can predict the performance of their advisors and act accordingly.
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Identifying clinical-trial fraud chart

Identifying clinical trial fraud by putting data under an analytical microscope

Thanks to Intuceo, a healthcare R&D quality assurance team can identify fraudulent clinical trials and take appropriate action.
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Spotlight on educational entertainment

Making learning fun for more kids while increasing customer lifetime value

Thanks to Intuceo, a producer of “edutainment” games can design marketing campaigns targeted at stickier, more profitable customers.
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Forecasting electricity prices chart

Forecasting US electricity prices with an advanced ensemble model

Thanks to Intuceo, a power generation company can favorably bid on future prices and hedge against volatility on the US electricity market.
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Pricing to increase revenues chart

Identifying the factors that influence pricing to increase revenues

Thanks to Intuceo, a medical device manufacturer can optimize its product offering by foreseeing the financial impact that changes will have.
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Technical knowledge search chart

Improving the speed and relevance of technical knowledge search

Thanks to Intuceo, an engineering company can access knowledge on demand for higher productivity, better processes, and fewer recurring errors.
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Increasing customer retention chart

Reducing churn and increasing retention with timely, relevant email marketing

Thanks to Intuceo, a plumbing and drain-cleaning service can pursue targeted email marketing campaigns that address customer needs.
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Clinical-trial audit reports chart

Identifying issues in the unstructured data of clinical-trial audit reports

Thanks to Intuceo, a healthcare provider can access consistent, accurate clinical trial data, increasing R&D operational efficiency.
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Clinical-trial audit reports chart

Developing a customized spell checker for communication consistency

Thanks to Intuceo, a vision care company can generate business intelligence reports that accurately reflect brand and product terminology.
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