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How does it work?

Our consulting team delivers the solutions using our Intuceo technology engines- Data SharpTM, MineTM, PredictTM and AdviseTM – in the backend. A dedicated Intuceo representative walks you through the options. Together you define your business problem, perhaps do some preliminary analysis. It’s that simple. The larger Intuceo team takes it from there, doing all the heavy lifting — pre processing like converting raw data into cleaned data, the complex analytic calculations for pattern extraction using our data mining technology engine HiddenInsights, building highest accurate model using our predictive modelling engine BoldVistas, and so on — using our automated work flows of Intuceo delivering high quality solution very fast. With our experience in information technologies like BI, data warehousing, we deliver complete solution that includes all the data aggregation, integration and reporting as part of the overall solution.

What you get is

A highly accurate predictive model — no more black-box predictions!-with insights expressed as easy-to-understand if-then rules, recommendations for better outcomes and clear visualizations, all just the way you want them: ready to base business decisions on. Our clients enjoy delivering highest quality products or services to their end customers much faster than their competition, that reflects our value.

Give your enterprise what data scientists have been owning — until now

Our offering includes a free solution as a proof of concept for your business problem. For more information, please contact our sales

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