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No more black-box predictions! Built to handle large data, Intuceo App ServerTM is deployed on a production server for greater processing power. As new data comes in, Intuceo App Server periodically runs predictions with actionable suggestions and continually
retrains its predictive models as needed.

This is how it works

You can use Intuceo App Server’s handy DeployIt Wizard to create your own runtime models and installation scripts. Your solution engineer will walk you through the tool and, with your input, will create the application to be deployed on the production server.

Solution design deployment and learning

Intuceo App Server Implementation
As the infographic shows, we use historical data to develop the model in the design phase. When the model is deployed in the production phase, the output is data with predicted outcomes. On demand or as scheduled, Intuceo App Server will perform a learning cycle to refine the models. With user approval, the new models get updated with the production models. Thus,
Intuceo App Server continually updates its model to the new reality of your business.

Any industry can reap the rewards of Intuceo

Customer Intelligence Healthcare Manufacturing Pharma HR Finance
  • Segmentation of prospects
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Churn and retention
  • Medication adherence
  • Patient outcomes
  • Prior authorization
  • Claims accuracy
  • Vitals monitoring and signal detection
  • Machine downtime and failure
  • Optimization
  • Yield analytics
  • Quality analytics (defects, etc.)
  • Clinical trials
  • Patient profiling
  • Fraud detection
  • Recruitment analytics
  • Attrition
  • Workplace satisfaction
  • Transaction failures
  • Financial advising
  • Performance analysis
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