How to get started with Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning
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How to get started with Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning

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  1. What do you need to have a personalized relationship with your customer?
  2. How can you improve your customers experience by mitigating unspecified downtime?
  3. How do you optimize your inventory and labor costs?
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What is Predictive Maintenance (PdM)?

Predictive maintenance is the method of attempting to predict the failure of operational equipment and using preventive maintenance to avoid unspecified downtime. Since the approach is data-driven, it employs machine learning and predictive data analytics to observe a variety of equipment conditions that could register a potential system or equipment failure.

Why is Predictive Maintenance (PdM) important?

Strategy consultant Roland Berger states that maintenance professional spends approximately 15% of their time on predictive ventures. However, they would like to allocate 33% of their time on predictive maintenance to overcome downtime and reactive maintenance activities.

Conversation between Dealer and Customer

Before PdM (Reactive)

Customer: Hi, my car stopped mid-way to office, and I have an urgent meeting to attend. Can you send help soon?

Dealer: Sure Sir, can you send your location?

After PdM (Predictive)

Dealer: Hi Anand, we notice some issues in your car and would require you to drop by for a quick fix?

Anand: Is the issue serious?

Dealer: No, you have another 7 days before it could result in a breakdown. We would love you to have a smooth, driving experience.

Anand: Thank you, appreciate the timely diligence. I will drop by this weekend.

At Intuceo©, we use enabling technologies such as machine learning and data science to provide predictive maintenance solutions for OEM’s and dealers. This solution will transform and analyse the sensor data embedded in vehicles (cars, trucks, EVs), enabling our customers to deploy this solution in manufacturing industry (aerospace, mechanical and automotive) to reduce downtime and costs.

This can be deployed in client applications to notify the OEM’s/dealers/users with real-time alerts and early warnings for an improved customer experience.

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