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Business Development Executive

Are you interested in working with a startup in cutting edge Technology space ?
Are you excited about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics ?

Come join our Intuceo team! We are looking for a seasoned Business Development professional selling Software and Professional services. Must have prior experience in Business Development and Sales with medium to Large enterprises selling in the range of $1M and higher. Ability to Individually lead PreSales, generate Leads and own Biz Dev.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida or remotely from Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, Boston, Detroit areas

We are building innovation around Data Analytics, Data Management using open source technologies. Our company thrives on selling big data analytics solutions. Our in-house advanced big data analytics team comes with backing of its leadership team with 100+ combined years of experience in data engineering, data processing, infrastructure designs, machine learning and visualization. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a lead Business Development manager in helping to drive new customer acquisition process. Focus on east coast and grow country wide progressively.
  • Should have orientation to build value-based relationships with customers and tactically manage the deliveries to build trust with time and grow fast there upon.
  • Own the CAP (customer acquisition process) that starts with pre-sales demo to POCs to all the way to engagement.
  • Quickly learn to be hands on with storytelling and develop a strong mindshare.
  • Fill the business development pipeline by engaging to grow with key existing customers, new prospects, and by partnerships.
  • Prepare and give business keys to the senior management team regarding progress and roadblocks to closing new customers.
  • Self-driven, dedicated, possess sense of urgency, have hunger to grow, committed and believe are essential traits of success.
  • Should be willing to work in a startup set up where everyone should drive to for process excellence.

Our Ideal candidate possess the following:

  1. Customer Obsession: You understand your client’s business and products and services. Taking that a step further, you must know their internal strategic initiatives and plans. Until you understand this, and can tailor your solution to map to support them in these, you will never build a strategic, long-term relationship. No longer are the days of having your product be one to many. If you do this, your offering will be one of many tactical products that they could take or leave.
  2. Emotionally Intelligent: To build a long-term relationship with key client executives, you must possess a high level of emotional intelligence. What this means is understanding cues outside of what is written and spoken that are big indicators of creating a successful business relationship. Understand what motivates your client, about people’s egos and their underlying expectations as well as how these provide big clues into to how your client will buy. When you can piece this together and apply this to the overall business landscape, you can build a relationship that will keep a client for life.
  3. Digitally relevant: So much of business today is done digitally. Your personal and company’s online business presence, social profiles and networks are crucial in business success. Research is conducted, due diligence is collected, your company’s reputation is compared to your competition’s. Potential clients aren’t just looking at the company that you represent, they count on you being digitally savvy. They need to have communication about your products and services easily delivered to them digitally and in real time. They can reach you when it’s convenient for them through this open channel.
  4. Domain Expertise: A true business development professional builds deep knowledge of the industry that they serve. This industry and solution expertise allows you to be part of the solution, not just a purveyor of it. This unique and inherit knowledge makes you valuable to the client.
  5. Trust: Maintain honesty and integrity with the client no matter what the circumstances. Make sure they understand that they know that they can count on you to be honest. You are your client’s advocate, inside your company and out. Don’t ever give your client a reason to doubt anything that you say or do.
  6. Commitment: Believing in the company and solution that you represent. And, no matter what, you always have the best interests of your client at hand. You don’t give up, and you fight for them when needed. The overall commitment in the relationship builds customers for life.
  7. Optimism: You have a positive outlook about business and life in general. Nobody likes to do business with someone who is negative and a bummer to be around.
  8. Perseverance: When the chips are down, you stick with the relationship.

Everyone can push forward in good times and when all is going perfectly as planned. But when it doesn’t go perfectly, you’re ready to attack problems head on. Business isn’t always easy, but you’re known for being there through thick and thin.

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