About INTUCEO Health

  • In commercial, medical affairs, clinical development, discovery or manufacturing, the rise of data and the need to harness that data in the pharma space is unprecedented.
  • This need has led to the formation of Intuceo Health, a subdivision of Intuceo specifically dedicated to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. By taking this step Intuceo Health is poised to be the premier provider of data analytics services to pharmaceutical companies with dedicated teams knowledgeable in the particular challenges and needs of the industry.
  • With the explosion of data all around us leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are leveraging that data to their advantage. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the in-house expertise or capabilities to unlock the potential of data. Weather it’s mining for insights, measuring impact, or visualizing data, Intuceo health is the pharmaceutical industry’s trusted partner in finding value in data.
  • "Intuceo health combines cutting edge artificial intelligence, mathematical algorithms, statistics, data programming, advanced analytics, and visual analytics to uncover and explain the business insights hidden in data."

Quick Facts

Business Analytics

Innovative Boutique Cloud/Data Analytics gurus that have been serving clients for 10 years.

Business Analytics

Implemented over 200+ Data Engineering, AI/ML & Visual Analytics solutions to fortune 1000 clients.

Business Analytics

Developed and Patented Auto ML tools, frameworks and utilities to speed up our works.

Business Analytics

80+ Data Scientists, Data & Software Engineers on staff and Ph.D. ML practice mentor teams.

Revenue Cycle Support

Offices in the US (Florida, Washington) and India (Bangalore and Hyderabad)

Business Analytics

Top 50 Innovator, Diversity & Inc 5000 Awards

Our Process

Ingest, Enrich and Integrate data from multiple sources to create “purpose driven” data models and services driving insights through analytics

1 Capture

(Raw Data)

Finding and assembling structured and unstructured data from varied sources. Capturing can include methods from static spreadsheet data and web scraping to importing data from systems in real time.



(Integrated Data Domains)

First collating raw data into a consistent format and combing the data into a data warehouse or data lake for analysis. Then processing to observe patterns, ranges and biases, and ultimately determine the data’s suitability for use. Finally analyzing the data using proprietary tools including statistical analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning and others to extract the hidden value from the data



(Data Services)

Data is presented in relevant formats including graphs, charts, tables etc. to visualize the data and the insights contained within for easy interpretation by business leaders.


Our Services

Our visual analytics frameworks blend business context and behavioral sciences with intuitive visualizations, giving organizations the business intelligence solutions and tools they need to make informed, data-driven decisions

Our team of experts with robust Big Data solution blueprints (Cloudera/Azure/AWS) partner with you to implement solutions from proof-of-concept to production, on cloud or on premise.

Our Auto ML tools & frameworks speed up the AI solution implementation on cloud or on-premise 4X faster and complement any open source or third-party eco-systems.

Our data engineers partner with organizations to uncover informational needs and create a customized path to value (Diagnostic Assessments, Workshops and prototyping)

Our Accelerator Software – INTUCEO Engine

Intuceo Engine performs grunt work for churning through and comparing billions of data segments to automate the insight discovery and recommendation process. With a powerful interactive dashboard, reports and team collaboration tools the organizational utility is limitless

  •  The power of AI driven multivariate analysis at your fingertips.
  •  Fully automated and easy to use interface taps into your inner data scientist to maximize your subject matter expertise to explore deeper and richer insights.
    • Find the drivers of performance
    • Uncover actionable intelligence and identify the drivers behind KPIs
    • Propriety, Fully automated AI engine finds optimal path
    • Built for Business analysts and SME

INTUCEO Engine - Benefits

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Intuceo engine uncovers actionable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

machine learning in healthcare


Intuceo engine has an easy-to-use interface that allows subject matter experts to quickly refine data and hypotheses to arrive at the imbedded insights

machine learning in healthcare


Intuceo engine results are easy to understand, shaping business decisions.

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Intuceo engine increases analytic productivity with end-to-end automation.

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Intuceo engine is priced competitively, reducing analytic overhead.

Are you looking for solutions using data analytics in Life Sciences?

Case Studies


• Track actual efforts against Government Grants

• Facilitate on time timesheets to Government submissionss

• Reconciliation analytics to reduce the errors and leakage

Pharma tax credits –
Loss prevention


• Patient Recruitment & Screening

• Assign treatment groups against masked products

• Map R&D data against results

Clinical Analytics


Collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products

• Technology enabled services across the life cycle of a drug, device or vaccine for pharma industry and regulators

• Established platform to provide a portfolio of connected service offerings relevant to pharmacovigilance



The system provides oversight and assurance which are the key elements for controlling the laboratory processes and the manufacturing processes throughout the product life cycle.

• Predict CAPA from nonconformances through the life cycle from audit, inspection, observation and actions

• Helps FDA Compliance procedures and processes

Quality Metrics


Automating Adverse Event detection with AI/ML eliminating manual efforts and aiding to timely FDA submittals.

• Reduce dependency on highly trained professionals for FDA submittal.

• Detecting potential adverse event and assist the experts for validation.

Adverse Events detection


Predict the primary drivers of conversation influencing brand perception

• To understand the demographics, interests, and habits of the consumers

• Monitor fluctuations in brand health and identify potential crises

Monitoring brand
perception with AI

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